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6 months' subscription

6 months' subscription


Enjoy 6 amazing months of crafting fun

Each month a new discovery box filled with crafting goodies will land on the doormat, exploring a new theme with specially selected craft activities, fascinating facts and fully illustrated instruction booklets.

Choose between our full discovery box that contains 3 activities, or our smaller 2 activities box.

Each monthly box will contain:
  • All the craft materials you need
  • Fully illustrated instruction booklets with fascinating facts

Music suggestions to enjoy while you craft and details on how the activities can be linked to the Key Stage 1 Curriculum are available on our Facebook page and on our website.

For the full contents of an example box, see What will I find in my Endangered Animals box?

This month's box: Rainforests

We are travelling deep into the jungle where the trees are tall and block out most of the light on the forest floor. It’s hot and sticky and the air is thick with moisture. You can hear the sounds of wild animals all around you - birds and monkeys are calling in the trees high above you and there is rustling in the undergrowth all around you. Let’s see what animals and plants we can find!


Our monthly boxes are all shipped out together on the first Wednesday of each month. Please allow 2-5 days for delivery.

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