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The Aborigines Discovery Box

We have unpicked the curriculum and given you a few suggestions as to how you could extend your child’s learning with the activities in the Aborigines Discovery Box.

Rainstick: Music and History

Find out about native rain gods. How do different ancient cultures describe and explain rain?

Why is rain so important to people? What happens if it doesn’t rain enough? What happens if it rains too much?

Slowly tilt the stick back and forth. What sound does it make? Shake the stick slowly, now fast. How does the sound change?

How could the sound that is created be altered? Discuss using different beans/pulses within the rainstick and different materials e.g. split pins, matchsticks for the beans to bounce off.


Aboriginal Art: Art & Design and History

Look at different works of art by Aboriginal artists. What colours have they used? Are there any patterns that are repeated? Can you pick out any familiar shapes?

How do you think the pictures have been created?

How do you think they created the different paint colours? What natural materials could you use to make different coloured paint?

Discuss how the Aboriginals communicated and told stories without words. Look at some examples of Aboriginal art and try and work out what is being communicated. Have a go at creating your own symbols to tell a story or recount a trip.


Boomerang: Geography and Art & Design

Look at a map of the world and ask your child to locate the UK and Australia.

Can they name any other countries and find them together. Discuss the different continents and their names.

Which do they think is the biggest/smallest? Hottest/coldest?

Encourage your child to use simple compass directions, locational and directional lanugage (near, far, left and right). Ask your child to use simple directions to guide you around the map.

Look at some examples of boomerangs and discuss the different materials and patterns that have been used. Discuss how they could have been created.