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We have unpicked the curriculum and given you a few suggestions as to how you could extend your child’s learning with the activities in this discovery box.

The Great Fire of London: History and Science

Ask your child what they know about the Great Fire of London. Can they suggest how the fire might have started? Explain how the fire started and ask your child to help locate Pudding Lane on a map of London.

Explain that the fire lasted for a few days. Why do they think the fire lasted for such a long time?

Look at some pictures of houses in the 1600s. What materials were the houses made from? Discuss how the materials and the drought in London would have helped the fire to spread. What materials would it have been better to have built the houses from? Why? What are houses built from today?

Talk about the importance of a writer called Samuel Pepys who was living in London at the time of the fire and wrote a diary detailing the event.

The Crown Jewels: History

What does your child know about the Royal family? Can they name any members of the royal family? If appropriate create a family tree for the Royal family to show how the different members of the family are related. You could ask your child to help create a simple family tree for their family.

Talk about where the Royal family live. Do they know any of the names of the Royal residences? Ask your child to help locate these on a map. Look at images of the residences.

Discuss the role of the monarch and the line of succession. Explain that a monarch will have a coronation and during that time they will wear special robes and crowns – these are called the Crown Jewels.

Talk about the Tower of London and that this is where the Crown Jewels are kept, guarded by Yeomen Warders.

London picture hanger: Geography

Look at a map of the world and ask your child to locate the UK. Can they name any other countries? Discuss the different continents and their names. Which do they think is the biggest/smallest? Hottest/coldest? Can they locate London?

Discuss what your child knows about London. Are they able to name any famous landmarks?

Look at a selection of pictures showing famous London landmarks. Why are these landmarks important?