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Dinosaurs Discovery Box

Dinosaurs Discovery Box


In our Dinosaur Discovery Box we go back in time to around 200 million years ago when the Earth had one gigantic island that was just beginning to split apart. Forests were filled with massive ferns, lizard-like creatures flew through the air and huge reptiles roamed the planet. Welcome to the world of dinosaurs.

The activities in this box include making a triceratops pencil pot, turning the box into a shadow puppet theatre and three Paleontologist activities: fossil prints, dinosaur skeleton and discovering a dinosaur trapped in ice.

Each discovery box contains:
  • Three different craft activities, one of which transforms the box itself
  • Fully illustrated instruction booklets with fascinating facts
  • All the craft materials, instructions and templates you need for crafting fun

Supporting information and details on how the activities can be linked to the Key Stage 1 National Curriculum can be found on the Further Activities page of our website.


Orders for one-off boxes are normally dispatched within 5 working days, but please allow 10 days for delivery.

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